Private online lessons that really suit you.

What are we doing during the lessons?

During the lessons our main goal is to improve your communication skills, practice everyday situations, listen and watch audio and video files, work with short authentic texts and have a free conversation. I’ll also give you some exercises as home work. Lessons normally last 60 minutes, but class duration is totally flexible, it depends on you.

How do online classes work?

Almost exactly like traditional ones. The only difference is that we are not in the same place, but at home (or wherever you prefer) in front of our computers. Everything else happens online. The materials are the same, but there are also many other possibilities that Internet offers: web sites, interactive activities etc. As to technical conditions, we will need a few simple things: computer, Internet (fast connection), microphone, headset or speakers and webcam (not essential). We use Skype or a similar app for speaking and an interactive whiteboard for writing. All the materials you will find online.

What materials do we need?

The materials used in classroom are various (authentic texts, listening, articles, songs, movies, websites and many others) and are chosen based on your level and your needs. The development of communication skills is the focus of the course and with useful homeworks you can systematize your grammar knowledge. If you’re preparing for an exam, we practice with the specific tests you need.  All materials are supplied by me and are included in the price of the lessons.

How much is it?

Price: 14 EUR / 16 USD / 4000 forint / 60 minutes.
Cancellation deadline: not later than 10pm on the day before the appointment (otherwise the class will be considered as held).


If you’d like to study with me, write, send a message or call!