Online lessons on your own rhythm – if you are able to learn individually.




Online lessons are just for you if …

  • you don’t have time to attend private lessons or language courses regularly
  • you find traditional language lessons too expensive
  • you like and can do it yourself, manage your own time, learn at your own pace
  • you don’t want or can’t adapt to other people’s schedule
  • you can (because you want to) find 5-10 minutes every day to study
  • you enjoy learning anytime, anywhere


You won’t get abstract learning materials, but …

  • short collections of sentences on interactive online cards, with English translation
  • audio for every card with a native speaker to learn the correct pronunciation
  • small supplementary materials (short vocabulary lists, simple grammar patterns)
  • teacher explanations for some difficult language structures
  • interactive, quick exercises


The ready to use sentences are useful because …

  • you can easily memorize them
  • after some practice you can easily use them in real life situations
  • you can pronunce them with the help of the audio, so you will be ready to use them when you will talk to someone
  • you will learn the most important language structures using them, instead of memorizing the rules
  • based on the examples you can create your own personal phrases

Every learning material is on my site, available only for the customers of the lessons. Each lesson costs 5 EUR / 6 USD. Check the list of currently available lessons, choose the one you like and order it using the form at the bottom of the page.



The lessons listed here are for beginners. You will be able to face the most common situations in Italian which you will most likely encounter during your trip to Italy or even when you meet Italians in your country. In the list on the right click on the title of the lesson you are interested in and read the short description. You choose the one you prefer and order it at the bottom of the page for only 5 EUR!

Are you a complete beginner? Learn everything you need to start speaking Italian: greet other persons, ask for or say something politely, introduce yourself, count and tell the most important information (how old are you what’s your job, your phone numbe, where do you live).

Learn how to order in an Italian bar or restaurant, how to pay, get acquainted with the most typical food and drink names and memorize other questions that can be useful during your lunch or dinner.

Learn about various accommodations, book a room or a flat, sign in a hotel, ask questions, solve some problems in a hotel.


If you learn this lesson, you will be able to ask for directions on the street, ask about sightseeings or get information at a tourist office.